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End to End OTT Solution Provider


Mangomolo is our Streaming and End to End OTT Solution delivering content to hundreds of Thousands of Viewers Every Second.
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Smarter AI for Building Engagement


CognativeX is our AI Content Recommendation Tool that helps Publishers create higher engagement and retention for their Audience.
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For Automotive Fans in the Arab World


StriveME is the number 1 automotive platform for car enthusiasts in the Arab World. The platform provides its audience with new Automotive Content, News, Videos on a Daily Basis.
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A World for Her


Yawmiyati is a leading Female, Fashion, and Beauty Portal providing Arab Women with a One Stop Destination including thousands of articles related to fashion, beauty, health, nutrition, etc on a daily basis.
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Operational Support 24/7/365


Results provides our clients with day to day operational support services.
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Innovative CRM and eCommerce Platforms


Advance is an End to End CRM and Ecommerce Solution providing clients with Enterprise Level Products to Satisfy their eCommerce , Customer Loyalty, and CRM needs.
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